Welcome to our Riding Center

The Carol Fallon Riding Center has a new location, in the Back Bay area of Newport Beach, near the beautiful Nature Preserve. We have wonderful, well trained, well mannered lesson horses and well groomed trails that go along the Nature Preservewhere you can see aquatic wildlife in the Back Bay. I will post photos, soon, of the lessons horses.


Received from a Troop Leader regarding a recent Brownie Badge event at the Center

"Dear Carol,

On behalf of Troop 2482 and the Brownie Parents who attended last Saturday, I wanted to sincerely thank you for the wonderful Horsemanship Field Trip you provided at your Stables. Our girls loved learning about the horses and horse safety, feeding and grooming the animals from head to hoof, helping to tack/prepare the horse after grooming and ultimately taking a ride atop these beautiful animals! A few of the Brownies were originally apprehensive about coming extremely close to a horse but after a short while, they quickly grew well-acclimated and were ready to mount up! The smiles on all the girls faces and their readiness to get back in line for another ride was definitely pure excitement all around.

We thank you again for your time and for your dedication to our Troop!"

Kind regards,

Kathy Cabrera