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Camps During the School Breaks

 Check below for upcoming WINTER CAMP dates

 www.fallon.smugmug.com for recent photos

Carol Fallon Riding Center will be enjoying out 21th year of Horse Camps. One-day camps during the school year are similar to summer camps but are 1-day. They are small groups of 4-6 campers, 9-12:00, $90/day, ages 5 & up and scheduled during school vacations all year. You may sign up for multiple days of these camps . Please check below for the description of the camp program. Call us for more information or if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you. (Note: less than 4 campers, the fee may be adjusted.)


These camps provide a fun, hands-on experience with horses and riding in a small group environment, highly supervised by  qualified instructors on well-trained, gentle horses in a professional environment. Learn all about horses and horseback riding with lesson in horse car and safety, grooming, tacking up and riding plus more fun activities.


You may request camp date availability by email or phone. These small group camps fill up quickly. Preregistration and prepayment in full are required. Payment is not refundable after two weeks prior to camp date without a suitable replacement or may be used for other camp dates or lessons. Please call or email if you have questions or for more information. To see photos of recent and past camps, go to www.fallon.smugmug.com. If you would like to be a camp helper or workstudent, please call to sign up for a Training Class. fallon1234@aol.com  949-673-3746

The Camp Day.....

The Spring & Winter horse camps are small group camps and are one day,  9-12:00, $90. You may sign up for more than one day. There is a 4 camper minimum.  If there is less campers, the price may be adjusted. The day will start by learning to lead your horse from the stall to the grooming area and about safety around horses. You will learn how to use the grooming tools to make your horse look beautiful. Afterwards, you will learn how to put on the saddle and bridle. When your horse is all ready to ride, we will go to an arena where you will be taught your lesson, which is tailored to your skill level, and have extra time with your horse, just for fun. Snack is after the riding lessons in the picnic area, where you will have time to be with your new friends. What a fun way to spend a day. Don't forget to bring a carrot or two as treats for your horse. They love them.

In the 4-day summer camps, we do a group horse activity after lunch. The camps are longer, each day, than the one day camps. Information and dates are below, in the Summer Horse Camp section. 

Spring and Winter Camps

(9-12:00, $90/each one day camp)

(The camp dates are scheduled to accommodate the school breaks. Since they are small group camps, please call early to reserve a space for your child, next year.)

You can visit the photo site to see the recent camp photos. (www.fallon.smugmug.com).

Winter Horse Camps

​(check below for camp dates)

. www.fallon.smugmug.com for recent photos

These camps are similar to the one day camps but are four days, four hours/day, Tuesday - Friday, 9-1:00, $345/week. These are small groups 4-6 campers, ages 5-14. There is a description on the main page, as well. They are scheduled in June, July and August, during school summer vacation. 

If you have a minimum of 4 campers, other camp dates may be privately arranged.

Please call for more information 949-673-3746

(*If you are 15 and over, you may become a camper/stable helper. Please call for more information on the student work program.)

Winter Break camp

12/27......... open

1/3  .......... closed

Others dates may be arranged with a minimum of 4 campers)

We had so much fun in past years. You can visit our photos website to see the camp photos.

Summer camps

Thank you campers for a wonderful and fun summer camp season. I hope to see you all again in the fall and I hope you are having a wonderful year.   

**Waiting lists can be available for all camps.

**One day mini-camp may be individually arranged on non-camp weeks for those on the wait lists.  Please read a description of a Playday on the main web page.

Please call or send us an email for more information on any of these programs. 949-673-3746 fallon1234@aol.com.  Thank you.